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The apartment rental business has certainly taken a hit in the past year. People moving away from major metropolitan areas coupled with thousands out of work due to the pandemic means that rental properties may not be making as much money as they were a year or two ago. While residents’ calls to Cancel Rent due to high unemployment rates, especially among low-income communities, are being made for valid reasons, properties need to make sure that they are giving residents everything they need and want when the economy rebounds. Here, three things residents will be looking for.

Clean, Modern Units

By far the most important element for residents, the apartment itself must be comfortable, functional and pleasant to live in. Rent strikes have traditionally been aimed at poor living conditions like mold, broken heating or air conditioning systems or pest problems. Taking these issues out of the equation and making sure they aren’t even a consideration for residents will help regain their trust.

Useful Amenities

Rents continue to climb in urban areas and residents expect the number of amenities they get for their money to grow accordingly. Amenities like fitness centers, business centers and concierge service are almost a must these days to entice residents to come and to stay in a community, while options like fitness classes and community events can take things to the next level. What’s more, quality equipment and facilities and consistency in these offerings are key to proving to residents that the property is committed to giving them more for their money.

Supportive Community

There are a number of ways that properties can show their residents that they support them and care about more than just their rent checks. Modern units and useful amenities are two of those. Prompt responses to service requests and a personal presence in and around the building help build a trusting relationship between the residents and property management. Community events and small giveaways, like occasional free breakfasts and candy on Halloween, can also build that relationship with residents. If residents feel like the property cares about their needs and well-being, they will be more likely to stay in a property long-term.

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