Most people view spring cleaning as a necessary yet tedious chore. It’s time-consuming, boring, and often requires making a mess before cleaning it up. But spring cleaning actually has perks that go beyond having a clean and tidy home. Read on for the ways spring cleaning can improve your fitness, strengthen your immunity and even boost your mood for a healthier, happier season.

It Helps You Slim!

Cleaning is a workout! Pushing a vacuum across the carpet, scrubbing dishes and countertops, and crawling on your hands and knees to remove the dust from hard-to-reach places all activate the same muscles that are utilized in a boot camp or yoga class. In fact, 30 minutes of cleaning has been found to burn over 100 calories, plus boost energy and reduce fatigue. What’s more, people who keep their homes clean have been shown to be more motivated and driven when pursuing other goals, like sticking to a fitness regimen. 

It Boosts Your Immunity!

Keeping a clean house can do wonders for your immune system. Getting rid of things like dust and pet dander banishes common triggers of asthma and allergies, helping you and your family breathe better and easier. Scrubbing away the splatters and stains on your pots and kitchen appliances will kill any bacteria, germs or mold that may be hiding there and making you sick or sluggish. Plus, if you’re up and cleaning it means you aren’t sitting still, and the perks of reducing your time spent sitting include improved heart health and longer lifespan.

It Reduces Stress!

Studies have shown that doing housework for as little as 20 minutes can reduce feelings of stress and anxiety by up to 20%. Why? Reducing physical clutter also reduces mental clutter, helping you think more clearly and relax faster. Another study found that women who found their homes stressful, due to messiness or unfinished home improvement projects, were more likely to feel depressed. Conversely, women who found their homes relaxing, because they were cleaner and less cluttered, saw more improvements in mood throughout the day. 

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