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New Year’s resolutions may seem like a silly or overwrought endeavor, but there’s a reason people continue to make them: The start of a new year is the perfect time to take stock of the choices you made and actions you took over the past year and reevaluate your goals for the upcoming one. These goals can pertain to any facet of your life, but many people make resolutions that pertain to their health and wellness—perhaps because these are the most difficult to keep, so slapping them with a New Year’s resolution stamp might be just what they need to stick to them. But there are countless folks with aspirations of getting healthier who are unsure of where to start, and that’s where we come in. Read on for recommendations from the health and fitness professionals at Power for Life Fitness on the goals you can set to take your wellness to the next level in 2020.

Hire a Personal Trainer

For every individual who is in the gym exercising there are likely two or three at home who want to be exercising but don’t know where to start. If you’re one of those two or three, you could benefit immensely from working with a personal trainer. Personal trainers not only recommend the exercises and equipment that are best for your age, experience level and goals, but they also teach you how to use the equipment in the gym safely and effectively. What’s more, a trainer can provide immediate positive feedback and encouragement, which can be invaluable when starting a new exercise regimen, as well as a measure of accountability to ensure you stick to your workouts. Even better: If you live in a Power for Life Fitness community, a personal trainer can come and work with you in the fitness center in your building, making it that much easier to commit to fitness in 2020. If finding an affordable personal trainer for the New Year is of interest to you, click here.

Change How You Shop for Groceries

If your goal is to make healthier choices in the new year, the gym is not the only place those changes need to occur—they also need to happen in your kitchen. Instead of diving into a restrictive diet that you foresee difficulty sticking with, try making one change first and start shopping only the perimeter of the grocery store. Staying on the outside and avoiding most of the aisles means you can fill your cart with fresh produce, poultry, meat, fish and dairy while skipping all the carb-rich and sugary processed foods in the aisles. The two exceptions: Stop at the spices aisle to pick up antioxidant-rich herbs and spices to flavor your food, and feel free to head down the freezer aisle for frozen fruits and veggies when necessary. If you follow this simple trick, you will instantly be eating healthier!

Start a Gratitude Journal

As vital as physical wellness is, it is equally as important to foster mental health and wellness. One of the easiest and most satisfying ways to do so is to start a gratitude journal. There are pre-formatted journals that offer structure and prompts, but all you need is a notebook or even the notes app on your phone. Then once a day, or every other day, or once a week, (whatever is best for you and your schedule!) take a few minutes to sit down and record the people, things and experiences in your life that you are grateful for. Focusing on these positive aspects of your day-to-day, as opposed to your looming responsibilities or the things that cause you anxiety, will help reduce stress, improve mood and foster a more positive outlook. And if you’re coming from a place of positivity and confidence, it’ll be easier to make healthy choices in other areas of your life as well.  

Want 2020 to be the year you get your New Year resolutions met? Contact the Power For Life Fitness team today to get started. Email info@powerforlifefitness to learn more.