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Running a property-wide challenge has numerous benefits, both for the residents individually and for the community. Residents will have increased incentive to pursue and stick to healthier habits, freshen up their fitness routine and try new things while also engaging more with their neighbors. Plus, it allows the property to be a supportive, healthy influence on their residents, a surefire way to show that you care. 

For the first quarter of 2022, Power for Life Fitness is offering a 30-day Bingo Blackout challenge to encourage residents to expand their fitness horizons. To participate, residents need to pick up a bingo board at their leasing office or print one out at home (Power for Life Fitness will provide the boards and all marketing materials to the property ahead of the start date). Then each day during the 30-day challenge, they complete one of the activities on the board and cross it off. Things like “go for a walk outside” and “take a P4LF class on YouTube” are examples of the activities listed. If they want, or if you want residents to document the activities they complete, they’ll be asked to post on social media with #BingoBlackout. 

The goal for the challenge is to complete every activity on the board, thereby blacking out the entire card. Then at the end of the challenge period, residents either drop their completed board off at the leasing office or email a photo of it to (with the name of their community and #BingoBlackout in the subject line). From there, they will be entered to win a prize of the property’s choosing. For example, many communities choose something simple like a Visa gift card or a piece of Power for Life Fitness swag, such as a personal training session or an inspiring T-shirt, tank top, beach towel, or mug. 
If you’re looking for a way to boost resident engagement in 2022, the Bingo Blackout Challenge is an excellent place to start. Send us an email at for more information or to sign your property up today.

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