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You’ve already taken the first step: You’ve decided that you want to exercise more. Maybe you want to lose weight, maybe you are training for a 5K, maybe you want to get stronger so you can more easily play with your grandchildren. Regardless of your motivation, making the decision to start is the most important step towards getting fitter. But many people can be tripped up by the second step, and that’s where we come in. Read on for four strategies that will help you jumpstart your fitness journey.

Walk More

No matter your goals, lifestyle or fitness level, everyone can benefit from incorporating more walking into their routine. The best part: Any and all forms of walking can be beneficial. Start with taking the stairs or parking a bit farther away from your building. Go for a 20-minute stroll at lunchtime. Walk to your favorite diner for brunch on Saturday morning. Whether your walk is 5 minutes long, or 60 minutes long, it will get your blood flowing, improve your circulation, raise your heart rate and keep your muscles limber. Walking can be your entire fitness program or simply a way to move more throughout the day. Either way, it is the perfect tactic to instantly increase your exercise. 

Take a Group Fitness Class

For folks who get bored easily or enjoy variety in their workouts, group fitness might be just the thing. Classes offer constantly new and challenging exercises and routines that ensure continuous gains. The group environment also eliminates the boredom that can result from a solitary workout, plus provides a sense of community and accountability that is only present in group fitness. If you’re someone who has trouble motivating yourself, the instructor is there to offer enthusiastic support and inspiration to keep you on track. So, if Power For Life Fitness is offered in your building, consider it a win and head down to your gym to try a class for free!

Book a Personal Training Session

If you don’t see yourself enjoying a group fitness class but the idea of walking into a gym by yourself seems daunting, consider scheduling a session with a personal trainer who can assess your goals and fitness level and offer suggestions for exercises to try and machines to use. A trainer can also ensure that you are using the equipment safely and correctly to help you avoid an injury that could send you back to square one. If you enjoy having someone provide you with a plan, continuing to work out with a trainer might be the best way to go. But if all you need is an introduction to the facility and some initial suggestions, then a single session might be enough for you to hit the ground running towards your goals.

Find a Workout Buddy

If starting your workout program seemed easy, sticking to it is often harder. One of the best and simplest ways to build accountability into your fitness regimen is to find a workout buddy. They don’t need to have the same goals as you, they just need to be someone who you can count on and who counts on you to show up for your exercise sessions. Having a partner significantly increases the likelihood that you will stick to your routine—plus, it’s more fun to make gains and hit your goals when you have someone to share the experience with.
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