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Like many of the holidays and special occasions that have come and gone in 2020, Halloween is going to look a little different this year. That’s especially true for apartment dwellers, as trick-or-treating through the indoor hallways of your building with friends is considered a high-risk activity. That’s why the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has released guidelines and suggestions that can keep you and your little ones safe this Halloween while also enjoying the holiday.

First, if you normally trick-or-treat in your building, consider heading out to a nearby neighborhood instead. Outdoor activities are generally considered safer, plus you’ll be able to properly social distance from other groups of trick-or-treaters. Even outdoors, make sure you and your kids choose costumes that incorporate masks—or just wear one with the outfit of your choice. Avoid following other groups up to doorsteps so that you don’t have too many people close together. Once candy is in the bag or basket make sure it stays there until you get home and everyone has washed their hands, even if you bring hand sanitizer along on your route—you don’t need to disinfect the candy wrappers, just eat the sweets with clean hands. 

If trick-or-treating has not been an integral part of your Halloween celebrations in recent years or if it would be difficult to trick-or-treat outside in your community, consider skipping it this holiday in favor of another Halloween activity. Try carving pumpkins on the balcony, making homemade decorations as a family, or setting up a candy scavenger hunt in your apartment so your kids still get a semi-trick-or-treating experience. In the latter case, you and your kids still come away with some sweet treats to enjoy while avoiding potential contact with germs.

As far as adult Halloween activities, the CDC recommends avoiding indoor haunted houses and costume parties, but outdoor parties, haunted forests and pumpkin patches (provided appropriate mask wear) offer less of a risk.
So, in favor of staying healthy, we’d love for you to show us how you’re celebrating Halloween safely this year. Snap a photo, upload it to your feed or stories and tag us @powerforlifefitness so we can share it within the #P4LFCommunity.