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Residential group fitness classes are exploding in luxury apartment buildings. But what classes will yield the largest turnout and participation from the community? Power for Life Fitness has collected data on the most popular residential fitness classes of 2019:

Number 1: Yoga

For many busy professionals, a yoga class before or after work provides a perfect hour of stress relief and relaxation to balance out a hectic workday. And the stats agree: Power for Life Fitness yoga classes have welcomed 4,985 participants so far in 2019, over four times as many people as the next most popular class format, with monthly participation peaking in April when 995 residents attended a yoga class. 46 Power for Life Fitness properties offer at least one yoga class per week, which is nearly twice as many properties as the next most popular format.

Number 2: Boot Camp

This total body workout is in second place, with 24 properties offering boot camp classes and 1,143 total participants in 2019. The reason: Offering a combination of cardio and strength training and equipment-based and bodyweight exercises, a boot camp class guarantees a full body burn. Boot camp participation was highest in January, when 216 residents got their sweat on with Power for Life Fitness boot camp instructors. 

Number 3: Zumba

With 23 Power for Life Fitness properties offering Zumba classes, this Latin-inspired dance cardio workout is our third most popular class format among residents. Zumba classes have welcomed 1,047 participants so far in 2019, with 238 residents dancing in April, the most popular month this year. Zumba offers residents a fun, upbeat alternative to an aerobic workout on a treadmill or elliptical. 

Number 4: Spinning

Spinning is currently sitting at number four, but quickly rising along with the national popularity of cycling classes. There are 7 Power for Life Fitness properties that offer spinning classes, yet 1,011 residents have attended classes this year. In fact, spin classes had more participants than boot camp classes in March, April and July of 2019, with 225 residents spinning in March. A high intensity cardio workout coupled with resistance training of the arms and legs, spin classes are an endorphin-boosting hour of calorie- and fat-burning. 

Number 5: Strength Training

Strength training classes, advertised as Ripped, Sculpt, Weightlifting and Strong, are in 11 Power for Life Fitness properties. The perception of weightlifting and strength training has shifted rapidly in the last few years as research has revealed the benefits for population groups like women and older adults who may have previously avoided the workouts. This trend has been reflected in residential fitness, with 443 participants attending these classes since January of this year. Interested in more of the data Power for Life Fitness has collected about residential fitness, or further insight on the numbers? Contact us at