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While nothing beats meeting a prospective tenant face to face, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced property managers to digitize many processes that were previously easy to take care of through a quick meeting with a resident. Here are four strategies that will help property managers keep their building competitive and up to date.

A Modern, Updated Website

There are multiple factors to consider when it comes to your property’s website. Not only do photos of the building and the units need to look new and showcase all of your building’s best amenities, but the website also needs to be compatible for prospective tenants browsing —which may be from a laptop, smartphone, or tablet. That said, websites that are difficult to navigate on different devices, especially smartphones, can be a red flag for tenants because it showcases that the property is behind the times. 

Online Payments and Applications

Similar to keeping your website updated and easy to navigate, you want processes like prospective tenant applications, rent payments, and work orders to be straightforward for residents. In other words, they should be able to do these things online without having to interact with anyone if they would prefer not to. You can even take this a step further and create a tenant portal, a one-stop shop for residents to access all of these processes that they may need. 

Streamlined Tenant Screening

In the past, screening applicants meant going to multiple agencies and databases and running multiple checks and screens to determine if the applicants would be good residents for your building. But now, there are automated, AI-powered apps that will run all of these screens for you, allowing you to spend less time on this tedious process and more time on projects that will improve your residents’ living experience. 

Email Automation

Being an effective property manager requires constant communication with your current residents and prospective ones, which means keeping them up to date on things like what’s happening in the building, any rent promotions you are running, when its time to renew their lease, or if they need to finish filling out an application. So, instead of being responsible for manually sending out these emails, there are tools you can use that you can program to automatically send emails in certain situations, making your job easier and helping foster solid communication between residents and management. 

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