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With daylight savings coming up on March 14, we’ll be turning our clocks ahead one hour. On the one hand, this means we’ll be losing an hour of sleep this weekend. But on the other, it opens up a host of new opportunities for enjoying the spring season. Here, three tips that will help you spring ahead with ease. 

Stick to Your Schedule
Even though losing an hour of sleep may make you feel groggy for a couple mornings, try to stick to your previous wake up time as much as possible. Not only will this keep you from having to make any adjustments to your schedule for the remainder of the day, but it will also help you eliminate that morning sleepiness that much faster. And this advice doesn’t only apply around daylight savings: Maintaining a consistent sleep schedule has been shown to have countless health benefits. 

Open the Curtains
The easiest way to adjust to the time changes: Let the sunlight in! Opening up your blackout curtains will help your body sync up its circadian clock with that of the sun, which will help you feel energized when you want to be during the day and relaxed when you want to be at night. It will be especially helpful in the morning, as the brightening light outside will alert your body that it’s time to wake up and start the day. 

Take Advantage of the Evenings
Sure, it may be darker for a bit longer in the mornings, but that means we get those covetable daylight hours back in the evening. Especially with temperatures finally climbing, take advantage of this extra time at the end of the workday to get outside. Go for a walk or a run around your neighborhood, attend an outdoor group fitness class or just sit outside on the patio or the roof deck and breathe in the fresh air. This will further help your body adjust to the new daylight schedule, plus deliver perks of spending time outside like less stress and sunnier moods. 

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