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Perhaps you’re a diehard yogi and can hold a tree pose for hours. Or you’re a boot camp pro and laugh in the face of burpees. Or maybe you can salsa circles around your neighbors in Zumba class. If one of these sounds like you, congrats! It sounds like you’ve found an exercise regimen you love and you’re sticking to it, which is admirable. Even so—and no matter how much you love your child’s pose or jumping lunges—there are benefits to mixing in a different exercise format or class every once in a while. Here are three. 

Prevent a Plateau
The more you practice a particular exercise format, the better you will get at it. Why do you get better at it? Because your muscles are getting used to the movements, improving their ability to complete them efficiently. Adapting to the movements takes work, and your muscles are going to be toning and strengthening as they do so. But eventually, after doing the same exercises over and over again, they will become too easy for your body to complete and you’ll hit a plateau, at which point you will stop seeing results. The simple solution: Try a new workout! Even doing one or two yoga classes and then going back to Zumba will challenge your muscles in a new and different way, instantly restarting your gains.

Avoid Burnout and Boredom
You’re most likely to hit a plateau if you’re so in love with one exercise style that you never try anything else. On the other hand, only going to boot camp classes can breed boredom that has you dreading and maybe even skipping your workout. It can also lead to fatigue and burnout, which can increase your likelihood of injury. Switching up your routine can help you avoid both of these issues, promoting balance and all-over strength plus keeping you excited to head to the gym.

Keep Your Mind Fit
Exercise isn’t just about physical fitness. Mental health is equally as important and mixing up your fitness routine can help you keep your mind fit. The reason: Just as you can hit a physical plateau and stop seeing results, the same thing can happen with your mind as exercises become easier to do well and max reps grow less difficult to achieve. But mastering the merengue is going to be both physically and mentally challenging if all you’ve been doing are push ups and squats. Switching up your workouts every once in a while will provide a challenge that will keep your mind sharp, increasing your brainpower and self-confidence. 

Is it time for you to switch up your fitness routine? Power For Life Fitness’s livestream and on-site programs offer a wide variety of classes, from yoga and Zumba to boot camp and Pilates. Ask your property manager how you can access these classes and start seeing results today!

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