With the arrival of the dog days of summer, it can be tough to convince yourself it’s worth going outside, much less heading to the gym. When stepping out the door can cause a cascade of sweat, why would you purposely engage in an activity meant to induce sweating? It’s natural for your commitment to fitness to waver. Fortunately, there are ways to keep up your motivation and stay on track towards hitting your goals. Read on for three easy tricks!

Turn Household Items into Workout Equipment 


Strength training is a key part of any workout routine: Working with weights helps build lean muscle, revving metabolism and upping calorie burn. But when faced with the choice of a trip to the gym to lift or staying in your air-conditioned apartment, it’s tough to choose the former. You can solve this dilemma by turning some of the items in your closets and cupboards into weights. A jug of laundry detergent—with the cap securely screwed down—can become a surrogate kettle bell for swings and squats. Fill up two 16 oz. water bottles and you have two one-pound weights for an upper body routine.  Fold up a hand towel and you have a replacement sliding disk for lunges and core work.

 Try a Power for Life Fitness Group Class

Attending group fitness classes provide motivation and accountability for sticking to a fitness routine. And living in a building with a Power for Life Fitness gym means that you don’t need to drive to a gym to find a class—you just have to walk downstairs! For class options and schedules, check out your monthly email newsletter, see if there is a schedule posted in your lobby or ask in your rental office or front desk. Try building lean muscle in Boot Camp, trimming your core and easing stress in Yoga, or sweating it out and blasting calories in Zumba or Spinning.

Find an Online Workout Video

 So you want to work out, but there are no classes on the schedule and you have no idea what to do. Head to the Internet! To start, try searching for workout videos on YouTube—trainers will post routines of all lengths and difficulties, so you’re sure to find something for your schedule and experience. If you know you’re interested in a specific type of program, like yoga, Pilates or dance fitness, you could seek out a subscription-based program in that discipline. Most offer a weeklong or month-long free trial, so you’ll know if it’s something you want to commit to before shelling out any dough. The best part: You can do it all from the air-conditioned comfort of your apartment!


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