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As a property manager looking to show tenants that you care about their health and wellness, offering group fitness classes, personal training, nutrition counseling and wellness events through a company like Power for Life Fitness is a perfect first step. But encouraging your residents to take advantage of these services, as well as take other steps to improve their health, will foster a living environment that inspires healthy habits. Here are three ways to get your tenants thinking and living healthier.

1) Advertise the Services You Offer

Do you offer weekly group fitness classes or hold monthly wellness events? The only way to make these services work for you and your residents is to advertise them. Post schedules and event flyers in the most trafficked areas of the building, like the lobby, management offices and elevator bay. If these activities are held in a studio, resident lounge or common area, post advertisements in those areas of the building. And don’t forget about email! The average person checks their email roughly 15 times per day, so using email to advertise classes and events can dramatically increase participation. 

2) Encourage Residents to Take the Stairs 

Ask any trainer, physician or weight loss expert for the first piece of advice they give to patients or clients looking to get fitter and healthier and it will be to ditch the elevator and take the stairs. To foster this healthy habit, post flyers with facts about how taking the stairs can improve cardiovascular fitness, or if you know how many stairs are in your building, how many extra steps residents can get per day by using them. Tout perks like how climbing stairs burns calories three times faster than just walking, let alone riding an elevator, plus has been found to keep the brain sharper with age. Simple phrases like “take the stairs to better health!” or “climb your way to healthy” can be effective as well. If the staircases in your building are not immediately noticeable from the lobby, make it clear with flyers or markings on the floor how to access them. 

3) Be an Expert on the Neighborhood’s Wellness-Boosting Amenities

According to a 2017 survey by national apartment management firm Village Green, the building’s location (81% of respondents) and community environment (49% of respondents) were the two most important factors in renters’ decisions to lease after rent (85% of respondents). That means that location and community will play a big role in resident retention—and while you can’t control what businesses occupy your neighborhood, you can become an expert on the types of businesses that your health-conscious residents might frequent. Recommend that concierges stay up to date on the restaurants and health clubs that open in the neighborhood and knowledgeable about the locations of grocery stores, parks and trails. Likewise, encourage residents to use the concierge and leasing agents as a resource for this information. 

Are you looking to start a residential fitness program at your property or are interested in learning more about how to promote tenants’ healthy habits? Contact Power for Life Fitness today!

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