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Over the last two years, we’ve spent a lot of time working out in our apartments by ourselves. Whether putting together personal routines or following along with a virtual live or prerecorded class, it’s been a solitary endeavor. And for many, this has made a consistent exercise routine challenging to stick to, especially for those who thrive on the camaraderie and accountability that a group class provides.

The good news: Power for Life Fitness is happy to report that new properties are returning to in-person group fitness classes every day! Regardless of whether you’re eager to sign up or wary of returning, here are some of the perks of making the transition. 


When you’re exercising at home, no one but you knows if you did as many reps as possible or if you cut your workout short to get dinner started—so it can be tempting to take these shortcuts every now and then, especially if you’re not feeling your best or have a long to-do list to get to. While any workout is beneficial and worthwhile, attending a group fitness class with your neighbors and a supportive instructor will help you push yourself. Plus, since group classes are scheduled ahead of time, you can put it on your calendar the week (or even the month) before. Having the classes listed on your schedule makes it easier to commit to going.


Even if you’ve been taking live-streamed fitness classes in your apartment, it’s likely that your space and equipment have limited the types of workouts you’ve been able to do. By returning to group classes, these limitations vanish. Not only does this keep your workouts interesting and more fun, but it helps to mix things up, so you challenge your body in different ways to help you see results faster. 

Opportunities to Socialize

When you’re working from home and eating at home and exercising at home, you may be getting sick of, well, you. Group fitness classes offer the chance to socialize with your neighbors while also doing something good for yourself. What’s more, that you can attend those classes without even leaving your apartment building makes the whole experience stress-free.

If you’re looking forward to returning to group fitness classes in your apartment building, make sure you follow your property and P4LF on Instagram to stay updated on your community’s class schedule.

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