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As temperatures get cooler around the country, the healthy activities that we can enjoy safely and comfortably are starting to shift. Nonetheless, there are plenty of fun things we can do during the fall that double as fitness promoters. Here are four of them.

Try A Hike

Hiking is good for you at any time of year. It’s been found to relieve stress, improve mood, strengthen bones and burn calories. But during the fall when the leaves are changing or falling, the views from every trail become even more spectacular and worth the trek up the mountain to experience. What’s more, with resources like AllTrails, it’s a cinch to find parks and hiking trails near your apartment.  

Head to the Farm

There are many fun activities you can do at local farms in the fall. You can pick and sample new local varieties of apples or pick some pumpkins to bring home and turn into jack-o-lanterns. In both cases, you’ll be up and moving around the orchard or farm so you’ll be improving your health! If you’re looking for a less family-friendly activity, seek out local wineries or farms that partner with vineyards and enjoy an outdoor wine tasting. And if you don’t have any farms nearby, head to your local farmer’s market—you’ll find many of the same autumn delicacies. 

Put Together a Picnic

Temperatures may be dropping, but the sun is still warm and with the correct number of layers, fall weekends are perfect for picnics. Pack up some salads, sandwiches, and perhaps a thermos or two of soup and head to a local park to soak up some vitamin D and enjoy a healthy meal. Bonus points if you bring along a football or a frisbee to toss around and pump up your heart rate. 

Cook with Fall Produce

The produce in season during this time of year is screaming to be roasted or stewed and served warm, steamy and delicious. Nourishing squashes like butternut, acorn, kabocha and patty pan are all available widely during the fall and can be used in a variety of recipes. Take the heart-healthy apples you picked fresh and bake them into pies, cobblers, crisps or even doughnuts. And of course, there’s the classic fall favorite pumpkin. You can slice and roast vitamin-rich pumpkin and eat it straight, add pumpkin puree to oatmeal, soup or chili, or use it to bake pies, cakes, breads or muffins. 

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