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As a larger percentage of the population is vaccinated every day, people are starting to feel more and more comfortable returning to normal life—just in time for summer, when more activities can be done outdoors. Even so, there are some group activities that we may not want to do in the late summer heat or that simply can’t be done outside. Here are some of the virtual activities Power for Life Fitness is still offering for residents to participate in from the comfort of their apartments. 

Livestream Fitness Classes
P4LF continues to offer weekly group fitness classes taught by our certified and experienced instructors in a variety of formats, including yoga, Zumba, strength training and more. These classes are taught live, so participants are able to ask questions and instructors can offer modifications in real time, making for an experience much more akin to an in-person group fitness class than a pre-recorded workout video. We also offer one-off special classes, such as Tibetan sound bowl meditation, for residents interested in trying new formats. 

Cooking Demos and Events
At the beginning of the pandemic, lots of people dove headfirst into improving their skills in the kitchen. While many have likely slowed down in this pursuit, it’s always fun to try a new recipe or learn a new cooking technique. We offer chef-led cooking demonstrations featuring seasonal ingredients and techniques as well as more focused cooking events, such as ice cream making—perfect for the humid days ahead!

Games and Crafts
For folks who want to relax and have fun, we also offer virtual games and crafting events. These include activities like trivia, scavenger hunts and terrarium-building workshops, which give residents a chance to interact with other members of their community and maybe even make something with their hands, all from the comfort of their own home. 

If you’re interested in any of these activities or want to know if you have access to them, reach out to your building’s leasing office!

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