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In today’s rental market, almost every property has some sort of fitness center, ranging from a basement room with some treadmills and free weights to a bright, two-story space equipped with exercise balls and a separate studio. And as general interest in health and wellness has risen over the last few years, many properties have taken additional steps, one of which is installing some sort of subscription-based virtual fitness system for residents to use. While there are certainly some residents that might be thrilled by the addition of fitness on demand, its presence can certainly have drawbacks.  

Virtual fitness often involves the installation of a television or screen in the fitness center, through which residents can access different workouts for on-screen instructors to lead them through. But like most things today, the technological aspect of a virtual fitness portal can be a hindrance. Simply put, everything needs to work properly in order for it to be used. That requires property managers or other property employees to understand how to troubleshoot the program to fix any glitches that may occur, and it also requires residents to understand how to use it, which sometimes eliminates older generations who aren’t comfortable using technology. If the program is not working properly or is too difficult to navigate, it may cultivate ill feelings in residents toward the property that would have been absent without the presence of the virtual fitness program. 

These systems also require that users have an initial level of experience with exercise and an understanding of the type of workout they are interested in. To the first point, there may be exercises in someone’s chosen workout that they are unfamiliar with and may not know how to do safely and properly, which could lead to frustration or injury. To the second point, these systems can be off-putting to beginners who want to start an exercise regimen but might be weary of trying a workout they have never done before in the middle of a busy fitness center.

The better return on investment, in terms of cost and resident enthusiasm, comes from a company like Power For Life Fitness. Group fitness classes in today’s most popular and recognizable formats ensure that residents know exactly what they are going to get from a workout, and live, on-site instructors can provide guidance for beginners and ensure that everyone is working out safely and properly. Unconvinced? Click here for more information. 

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