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If there was one word to describe the direction that everything in our world is moving in—every product, every industry, every business—that one word would be convenience. People today want everything at their fingertips, and they want to be able to access everything easily, quickly and without a struggle. As such, convenience is playing an increasingly large role in real estate and especially in the rental market, where convenience no longer means just proximity to the city center or the nearest grocery store or public transportation. Potential renters want everything in their life; from where they go, to what they eat, to when they exercise to be as convenient as possible. They want everything to be on demand, to be available to them with the push of a button or with a ride in the elevator. If property managers understand this and how it impacts their current and future residents, they will have an immediate leg up on their competition. 

When it comes to amenities, residents simply want anything and everything they might need available to them in their building. Now that isn’t feasible for all things—not every apartment building can have a full-service restaurant or 24/7 childcare—but it is for some. And if the way to stand out is to have more on-demand offerings than your competition, the key is to identify the areas in which there is the largest spectrum of services possible and then offer the best there is to offer. Fortunately, at Power for Life Fitness we have identified one of these areas and we have the solutions.

Folks today have countless options when it comes to fitness. They can join a big box gym, attend classes at a boutique studio, exercise on their own or with friends, exercise in their living rooms with workout videos and online programs, or any combination of those options. But the majority of people have a hard time sticking to a fitness regimen when they are going at it alone, and in the age of on-demand, many don’t want to travel to get a workout. That’s why Power For Life Fitness offers onsite group fitness classes and personal trainers, so that residents’ optimal workouts are literally at their fingertips. What’s more, group classes are free to residents, further contributing to the convenience factor they so crave. With Power For Life Fitness, property managers can rest easy knowing that one of the amenities their residents desire is being taken care of in a simple, effective and convenient way. 

To learn more about the services offered by Power For Life Fitness or to request a site evaluation, contact us today.