In the wake of the recent shift towards healthier living in urban areas across the United States, apartment communities have been forced to adapt and offer new services tailored towards residents eager to live a healthier lifestyle. In an effort to keep rent affordable, properties recognized that they couldn’t employ chefs to cook meals for their residents or install a permanent juice bar in the lobby; what they could do, however, was make physical fitness easier to attain.

The first, and seemingly most obvious step many properties took was to install an updated fitness center. In 2016, The New York Times published an article in their real estate section on the push by old apartment buildings and co-ops in New York City to build out or update their gyms in an effort to compete with the newer, more modern apartment buildings springing up in Manhattan. This trend quickly spread across the country, and a fitness center became a crucial amenity for luring and keeping residents. However, when it comes to encouraging and supporting residents in achieving their fitness goals, the presence of a gym can only do so much. It may be ideal for residents who arrive as gym buffs, who know which machines are their favorites and how to use them or what exercises to do with free weights. But for residents who may be eager to start a fitness regimen but are unsure how or where to start, that gym might as well be miles away.

The next step some apartment communities took was to install fitness-on-demand programs in their fitness centers. Installed in gyms and studios or on spin bikes, these monitors offer fully-formed workouts, sometimes led by an on-screen trainer, that residents can play and follow along to. But if a resident new to fitness were to approach one of these machines, assuming it is working properly, they would be forced to choose a workout themselves and trust that they are completing the exercises correctly with little to no guidance on form or technique. Again, when it comes to inexperienced residents, fitness-on-demand falls short.

The only and most effective step apartments need take is hiring Power for Life Fitness, a mobile fitness company that brings on-site group fitness classes and personal training into the community. For residents eager to start exercising but unfamiliar with weights and machines, group fitness is the perfect environment in which they can explore new forms of exercise in a safe, supported way. Experienced group fitness instructors can guide them on their journey, teaching, encouraging and promoting good, healthy habits. Likewise, group fitness offers longtime gym-goers an opportunity to mix up their routines, learn new techniques and speed results. And for those seasoned exercisers who prefer to hit the machines then head home? Personal trainers can meet them in their building and work with them to develop their routines and achieve their goals even faster. Power for Life Fitness even offers monthly newsletters and articles with information on health and wellness that goes far beyond the exercise space, reaching those residents who may be trying to adopt healthy habits outside of or in addition to hitting the gym. With all of these resources, it’s no surprise that Power for Life Fitness is quickly expanding to hundreds of apartment communities across the US eager to give their residents the opportunity to pursue a healthier, happier lifestyle.

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