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The needs of renters in the US are constantly shifting and changing. What is important to one group of people in one city may not be as vital to another group in another city. Nevertheless, there are trends that have emerged. According to a survey conducted by RealPage, 50% of renters in the US are in their 20s, with another 17% in their 30s. An increasing number of Americans in these age ranges are prioritizing health and wellness, and when you narrow that down to the Americans in these age ranges living in the metropolitan areas where most apartment buildings are located, that number increases even more. All that to say, a large percentage of the potential residents for any apartment building are interested in cultivating a healthy lifestyle. One way you can help them do that: Offering residential fitness classes through a company like Power for Life Fitness.

If fitness classes are offered for free in their apartment building, residents won’t need to shell out the $30 per class or $100 per month required to belong to a boutique fitness studio or large gym. This not only saves the residents money and makes the building more attractive to prospective tenants, but it also allows the properties to increase their rents slightly. When renters are considering a new building, they often choose the property where they feel that they are getting the most for their money. Free fitness classes will save them time, energy and cash, in addition to helping them cultivate a healthier lifestyle. While the presence of a fitness center may only be a draw for prospective residents who are already gym-goers, the guidance and direction offered in group fitness classes will pull in new and long-time exercisers alike.

But people start, stop and restart exercise regimens all the time. It would be irresponsible to assume that a resident’s habits and goals will not change over the course of their lease. For this reason, catering to residents’ changing needs with on-site fitness classes can help retain residents as well. One may not be interested in pursuing fitness at the start of their lease, but may decide to start working out a few months in. For that resident, group fitness classes may be just the draw and motivation they need. Or perhaps a dedicated treadmill runner moves into the building, only to suffer a knee injury after a few months. Having the option of a lower impact class to try, or a personal trainer to assist in recovery, will go far towards keeping that resident in the building long-term.

Finally, technology has made building community exponentially more difficult. People walk with headphones in their ears and their eyes glued to their phones and hardly ever say hello to their neighbors. But offering residents the opportunity to unplug for an hour to spend time with their neighbors, boost their endorphins and even burn some calories can go far towards building a stronger and more welcoming community in which residents want to put down roots, making them more likely to renew their leases.  

Interested in adding residential fitness classes to your community in 2020? Contact Power for Life Fitness today for a free consultation of your gym space. Click HERE to get started. 

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