The Power for Life Fitness holiday season class challenge is the first of many to come for the residents of apartment communities equipped with Power for Life Fitness gyms. Why participate in a class challenge, or any other fitness challenges? There are the fun prizes, like T-shirts you can wear to the group fitness classes at your apartment building…but the benefits go far beyond athleticwear. Read on for more the reasons residents are taking part in Power for Life Fitness class challenges!

“I wanted to join the challenge in hopes of receiving a discount to check out some of your personal training options.”resident, The Daley in Rockville

Did you know that in addition to free group fitness classes, Power for Life Fitness offers personal training sessions at a competitive rate? With a roster of personal trainers ready and willing to come to your building on the day and time most convenient for you, you won’t have to go to the trouble of finding a gym, finding a trainer, comparing prices or working around a set schedule—everything is personalized to you! For more information on personal training, email

“Ithought it would help convince me to go to class, even if I thought I was too busy or didn’t want to.”resident, Riverside in Alexandria 

Maintaining a consistent fitness regimen can be difficult—life gets in the way, and it’s easy to convince yourself that other things are more important than spending an hour in an exercise class. Besides, who is going to notice if you aren’t there for one or two weeks, right? A class challenge is a great vehicle by which to hold yourself accountable and committed to an exercise routine. Simply knowing that someone is keeping track of how many classes you attend may be just the incentive you need to head downstairs every week.

“My neighbor and I thought it would be fun to do it together!” resident, Huntington Gateway in Alexandria

With the increasingly digital nature of modern life that allows you to connect with friends and family across great distances, it’s rare for people to knock on their neighbor’s door anymore. Add in the inherently transient quality of apartment living and building relationships with your neighbors becomes even more unlikely. Attending a group fitness class or participating in a class challenge together is a simple way to foster friendships with your neighbors that will keep you coming back to class for months after the challenge is over.

“I’m a naturally competitive person.” resident, Springfield Station in Springfield

Whether it was team sports in high school, board games at family gatherings or golf outings with prospective clients, some people have innately competitive personalities. Fitness challenges are an excellent way to harness this quality and use it to work towards achieving your personal health and wellness goals, whether your competitiveness comes out when you’re competing with yourself or going up against others.

Do you have another reason for participating in a fitness challenge? Or do you have an idea for a future challenge? We would love to hear from you! Post on social media and tag Power for Life Fitness or shoot us an email at

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