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When we were kids, we were constantly searching for adventures in place of boring old routines. But as adults, it’s not uncommon that we feel overwhelmed by our responsibilities and at a loss for how to complete all our necessary tasks. It’s on these days that having a routine comes in handy—it helps guide us through our to-dos with ease, plus offers other perks that will improve our mental and physical health. Read on to find out what they are.

 You’ll Stress Less

Trying to remember all the things on your to-do list can be very stressful, as can inevitably falling short of completing them all on occasion. But establishing a routine in which you set aside time for errands or cooking or housework means that you won’t wake up each day wondering whether or not you will be able to get those things done. Being able to doyour work or your chores, as opposed to worrying about when you will be able to do your work or chores, can go far towards reducing stress levels. Checking tasks off your list gives you a sense of control that can help curb anxiety as well. 

You’ll Exercise More

Perhaps the biggest barrier to sticking with an exercise program is not being able to find the time to work out. But if you have a routine that sets aside an hour to hit a group exercise class or go for a walk around the block, you are much more likely to stick to that schedule. The best part: You only need to exercise once to experience the endorphin- and metabolism-boosting perks, and once you do you will be that much more inclined to pencil it into your routine every day or every week. 

You’ll Be More Efficient

Procrastination was your biggest enemy in school, and it is still a hindrance to completing all our to-dos—especially the tedious ones like dropping off dry cleaning or cleaning the oven. But if you know that you’ve given yourself a certain amount of time to complete a task, you’re that much more likely to stop putting it off. What’s more, sticking to a routine in which you are doing the same thing consistently will help you become better and faster at that task, so that you are eventually able to accomplish even more than you could before. 

You’ll Be More Confident

Self-confidence comes from setting goals and achieving them, from establishing benchmarks and surpassing them. With a consistent routine, accomplishing personal and professional goals becomes more manageable and more achievable. Plus, simply sticking to a routine can yield immense feelings of confidence and satisfaction—and these feelings can buoy you to continue to follow that routine and continue to reap the benefits associated with it. 

Do you rely on a routine to help you achieve all your to-dos? Tell us how it has changed your life for the better by commenting on our latest Instagram post @powerforlifefitness. 

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