Football is finally back! The passion, the drama, the exhilarating highs of wins, the devastating lows of losses…and the watch parties, which often come with piles of finger foods that aren’t the kindest to your waistline. So most football Sundays yield a contentious inner monologue: I’m trying to eat healthy and stay fit, but chicken wings and nachos are my favorites! Maybe I’ll have just one. To the rescue: A solution that will allow you to sate your inner nacho fiend while also making gains in your fitness regimen. Read on for the fun, metabolism-revving way you can work out while watching football.

Any live television event, be it an awards show, a debate or a sporting event, can be made more fun with a drinking game—it ensures the broadcast holds your attention, plus helps you engage with it more. To stay strong on your fitness journey while still enjoying your favorite seven-layer dip, turn the contest into a drinking game-style fitness game! To play, simply follow the rules below. When the plays happen, complete the accompanying exercises. By the end of the game you’ll feel like you just went to the gym!

When your team scores a touchdown…do 10 squats.

Celebrate your seven points by hopping off the couch, standing with your legs shoulder-width apart, then lowering down into a squat 10 times. If it’s a big score or you want to challenge yourself more, do 10 jump squats instead, propelling yourself off the ground at the top of each squat.

When your team makes a first down…do 5 tricep dips.

First downs can happen pretty frequently, so this exercise keeps you close to the couch. Grip the edge of the cushion with your hands, walk your feet out a few steps and lift your butt up off the seat. Bend your elbows to lower your butt towards the ground, then press back up 5 times. To make it more challenging, walk your feet out farther away from the couch.

When your team kicks a field goal…do 10 back lunges.

Make like the kicker when the ball goes through the uprights and engage your hamstrings and quads. Stand with your feet together, take a big step back with one foot and lower your knee towards the floor, then return to standing. Repeat with the other leg and do 5 on each side. For more of a challenge, try stepping forward instead of back.

When your team records a sack…do 5 push-ups.

Honor the big men on your defensive line by powering up your upper body. Come into a plank position with your arms directly under your shoulders and your feet together (to modify, spread your feet apart or place your knees down). Keeping your back straight, lower your chest to the ground, then press back up 5 times.

When your team grabs an interception…do a plank.

You never know what the result of a stellar defensive play will be, so doing a plank can make it interesting. Immediately after the interception is made come into a plank position with your feet together and arms directly under your shoulders (to modify, come onto your forearms). Then hold the plank until your team’s offense gets back on the field and makes a play.

Really trying to get your sweat on? Complete these exercises when either team makes any of the above plays, not just your home team.

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